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Did you know that most youth that emancipate from foster care face unique challenges such as: lack of stable or affordable housing leading to homelessness, lack of employment opportunities, lack of medical care/coverage, mental health issues and unplanned pregnancies? The lack of these factors are a tremendous burden to the youth as well as the community.


The benefits of a safe and stable place to live are widely recognized. A growing body of literature suggests that, in addition to meeting the basic human need for shelter, safe and stable housing can function as a “platform” that promotes positive outcomes across a range of domains from education to employment to physical and mental health. Conversely, living in housing that is unsafe or unstable can be a significant impediment to positive outcomes (MacArthur Foundation, 2012). Let’s face it, homelessness can be linked to negative outcomes! 


House of Jewels (HOJ) program is a transitional living program for young ladies (Only) 18 – 24 years of age who have aged out of the foster care system. House of Jewels program will provide housing, financial literacy, a variety of independent living skills, career readiness and the support they need to successfully complete their educational goal. Rent payment will include utilities, cable, internet and limited transportation.


Eligibility Requirements for House of Jewels:


  • Must have aged out of the foster care system at the age of 18 years in old in a foster care placement. 

  • Must be enrolled (full time student) an educational or vocational program.(18 still in high school, GED program, or post secondary educational program)

  • Must meet all the requirement of the Extension of Foster Care Program with the Department of Children’s Services.

  • Must maintain a 2.0 GPA and be a full-time student.

  • Must work a part time job if approved to attend school part-time.

  • Must be a valid U.S. Citizen. 

  • Must have medical insurance. 

  • Must not have any felony charges.

  • Must have background check. 

  • Must not have any children.

  • Must have valid identification (state I.D or Drivers License)

  • Proof of income to pay $300.00, if DCS is not paying for their placement. 

  • Must know how to access public transportation.

  • Must have valid ID

  • Must be able to live independently with very limited supervision

  • Must provide proof of attendance every 30 days.(no exceptions) 

*More information about this program will be forthcoming at a later date* 

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