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One of the greatest and hardest jobs on earth is being a mother. Single mothers are tasked with the responsibility to be all their children need them to be 24/7. No mother really goes into motherhood thinking they will have to do it alone, however, for most that is a reality. Parenting alone can be overwhelming, frustrating and at times scary. Those feelings many times can be minimal if there is help. Although help can look different for each mother, Hagar’s Heart is a program that provides financial assistance to single mothers. 

Hagar’s Heart will provide financial assistance for the following, but is not limited to- gas, utility bills, rent deposit, rental assistance, books for post-secondary education, groceries and other needs based on the situation at the time of the request. 


How to Request Assistance:

  • Contact Queen Esther Ministry (QEM) at requesting an application. 

  • Complete application, print, sign and scan back to Queen Esther Ministry. *supporting documentation must be submitted with application. 

  • Application request will be approved or denied within 48 hours. 

  • QEM will make all payments to vendor. 

  • No money will be given directly to the applicant. (no exceptions)

  •  Assistance from Hagar’s Heart can only be received one time within a six-month period.


Please contact Queen Esther Ministry @ for questions. 

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